Vuelta Turistica: an unforgettable experience!

Vuelta Turistica is becoming a household name in the field of cycling holidays and cycling training camps. With the successful experience and the great timing to start working with Jurgen Van Goolen from the 1st of November 2014, we are ready for the future. Together we form the tandem that will let everyone experience a perfect cycling holiday. Jurgen participated 8 times in the Vuelta and was 6 times included in the Belgian professional selection for the World Championship. In Varese, he finished 11th in a chasing group behind the winner Alessandro Ballan.

Jurgen: "I chose Calpe because this is the ideal place to build up your condition."

Vuelta Turistica has become indispensable in this modern cycling are. Vuelta Turistica offers cycling holidays where everything is arranged so that cycling and relaxation is all you have to think about. Besides cycling holidays we offer training camps for young cyclists and organised training rides for non professionals.

Under the guidance of Jurgen and the team you will make beautiful bike rides along the Costa Blanca.

This region doesn't only offer beautiful views along the Mediterranean and the mountainous landscapes, due to the microclimate the weather for biking is almost all year really pleasant. The tours over Col de Rates and the Sierra Aitana are a breathtaking experience in an exceptional nature.

In this beautiful region we will provide you an unforgettable experience!


 We provide various cycling packages, but you can also easily create and build holiday. Here you can see the availabilities of the hotels and the various options. Then ask a quotation. 

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