Cycling holiday in Spain

If you plan to cycle in Spain during your holiday, then you are in the right spot on the website of Vuelta Turistica. Here you can book an unforgettable cycling holiday in Spain. We mainly bike in the Calpe region (near Allicante). The bike tours are accompanied by former pro Jurgen van Goolen. There are countless possibilities at Vuelta Turistica: Do you want to ride along with the guided tours on your own bike? Or would you rather just rent a Specialized road bike in Calpe? It is even possible to cycle with a private group with one of our experienced guides. If you have special requirements or wishes, let us know and we will see what the possibilities are for you. One thing is certain: Vuelta Turistica is an absolute must for a wonderful cycling holiday in Spain.

Fietsvakantie in Spanje
Spaanse Fietsvakantie

Guided bike rides in Calpe (Spain)

During a cycling holiday in Spain you van enjoy the wonderful day trips of Vuelta Turistica. Around 10:00 in the morning the groups leave our store to enjoy a wonderful but challenging ride. Every day there is another beautiful bike ride with many sights and a nice stop at a beautiful location indoors or at a nice terrace. Usually there are different bicycle groups, each bike group has a different level. You can decide for yourself which bike group you want to join. One day you might want to ride a bit more challenging and the other day a bit more relaxed so you can just enjoy the beautiful views of the Spanish coast. If you have special wishes, or you would like to do a certain climb, let the guides know it so that they can adjust the route when possible. Challenges and climbs enough during a fun cycling holiday in Spain.

Uitdagende fietsvakantie in Spanje
Fantastisch uitzicht, Spaanse fietsvakantie

Accommodations during your Spanish cycling holiday

If you want to book a cycling holiday in Spain with Vuelta Turistica, you can choose from two different accommodations. The most booked accommodation is AR Diamante Beach (four star) hotel. This hotel has two outdoor swimming pools and an extensive spa. We recommend using the half-board formula (not full board) as the rides usually end around 3 pm. A wonderful hotel to relax after a Spanish bike ride. You can also opt for Esmeralda Apartments, which is right next to Hotel Diamante Beach. A beautiful apartment with a terrace and sea view. If you wish you can use the breakfast buffet at Diamante Beach Hotel. A beautiful hotel and apartment complex within walking distance of Vuelta Turistica. Would you rather arrange accommodations yourself and only ride along with the guided bike tours, that is also possible.

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